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Friday, January 29, 2010

Want to be an effective parent? Here's a mom with a lot of inspiration.

My friend, a reporter based in the Annapolis area, recently told me about a mom she had interviewed for a feature story. This mom of grown children is and has done it all. She has a syndicated one-minute radio series called "Front Porch Parenting" (available on  her website), more than 40 books published with over 2 million copies sold, and an informative blog. She is a sought after speaker and consultant. I've been reading through her blog and am enjoying it as well as the radio program. Now, I need to get some of her books for my boys.  Note, her work has a christian-based theme. Anyone read her books? Recommendations?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Recommendation for Parents-to-be

Can eating too much licorice in pregnancy cause a shorter pregnancy and decreased placental function? Can drinking cough syrup increase fertility rates? Got Milk? Do you need to drink milk during pregnancy or this is a vision from the powerful milk lobby?

Learn the answers in one of my favorite books that I recommend to clients these days. It's called "Hands Off My Belly: The Pregnant Woman's Survival Guide to Myths, Mothers, and Moods" by a husband and wife who are both obs and parents to four children. You can also follow their tweets on twitter at

Friday, January 22, 2010

Seminar Tomorrow! DC Baby Planners Launches Seminar Series

Join DC Baby Planners for the first in a series of informational events for tips to save money in the early years of parenthood.  Whether you’re expecting your first, already have a toddler or two, you will walk with away with ways to dramatic cut costs or trim spending here and there. We prepare parents how to navigate the overwhelming baby industry without breaking the bank. The event is $15 and will be held at The Story Tellers in Occoquan. 

Having a Baby on a Budget
Saturday, January 23rd, 5 – 6:30 pm
The Story Tellers
308-D Poplar Alley
Occoquan, VA
To register: or 703-494-1994
Questions?  or 202.596.6378

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recommended Wash Post Articles on Moms

This week, the Washington Post ran several articles on moms that are worth a read. The first, The Test of Time: A busy working mother tries to figure out where all her time is going by Brigid Schulte, is the author's account of trying to track the 30 hours of leisure time us working moms allegedly have each week.

The second article is Petula Dvorak's regular column and the title is More women in the workforce make bigger bucks than husbands. Her piece talks about a recent Pew Research Center study on changes in the economic balance of today's marriages.

What are your thoughts? Do we have 30 hours of leisure each week? Do our hubbys have it easier these days?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals Launches

I'm pleased to announce a fabulous new organization to help baby planning professionals every where. Founded by The Baby Planner, Mary Oscategui, The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals will serve as the go to source for our industry. I'm honored to be a part of it as it launches. I will serve on the Board of Directors and head up business development and corporate relations.

Anyone interested in becoming a baby planner? Drop me a line!

Press Release:

East Meets West! Two Baby Planners Join Forces To Move The Baby Planning Industry Forward.

San Francisco, CA— January 20, 2010 The International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals launches their website and welcomes Ingrid Prueher of Savvy Mom On Call to join Mary Oscategui, as Co-President.

Ingrid Prueher established Savvy Mom On Call in 2009 and participated in the international academy’s first certification program for established baby planners. Her incredible passion to empower expectant, new, and seasoned parents through education and guidance really impressed Mary and the members of the academy. Once Mary began her search for a partner to run the academy, she saw Ingrid as the perfect fit. “I can’t say enough great things about her!” says Mary, “She carries a wealth of talent and knowledge, and delivers it with a warm and positive attitude. We are all really excited and feel extremely honored to have her on our team.”

Mary and Ingrid also happen to share a few additional things in common, although Mary is currently residing in Northern California, and Ingrid in Fairfield, Connecticut, both women are native New Yorkers, with a Hispanic background, and are fluent in Spanish. They are also first-time moms whose children are only a few months apart, and often times find themselves sharing the same thoughts. “It couldn’t have been a better match”, says Mary. "I cannot say enough about Mary and her idea about forming an international academy for baby planners. Unification in any industry is the key to growth. It is my honor to be part of such a wonderful team. We work incredibly together and with our education and work backgrounds our visions are endless." says Ingrid.

Rest of the press release

IABPP web site

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Mom Magazine Launched

Just heard about a new mom-focused magazine that just launched called, appropriately, Mom. Apparently it is geared towards the everyday mom not the camp targeted by the now defunct Cookie magazine. I plan to pick up a copy this week to check it out. Anyone read the magazine yet? Thoughts?

A free copy can be found thru this link --

Joining the Mom Blogoshere...

Welcome! Yup, it's official. I've joined the mom blogosphere. I'll be sharing my opinion, ideas and relevant stories to help you on your parenthood journey. I encourage comments and input from my readers and am looking forward to getting started.

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